logotipo asociacion profesional de asesores fiscales del pais vasco
desde 1993
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Our association

The Basque Country Tax consultants' Professional Association, is an entity without spirit of profit, which It was constituted in 1993 taking as a basic aim the impulse of the economic, social and professional interests of the partners.

It is a professional representative Corporation of the Tax consultants of the Basque Country, which functions are:

  • To promote and to spread the principles and essences of the Tax law.
  • To give services and to collaborate with the Tributary/Tax Administration and all the Corporations of Public and Private Law request it.
  • To foment the social consideration of the partners and to promote the solidarity between them.
  • To organize informative tasks and of professional promotion of the partners.
  • To create entities that guarantee to the partners the protection forehead mishaps.
  • To regulate professional honorarium by means of an obligatory table for the partners.

association headquarter


  • Preparation of conferences in relation with economic, financial and countable matters of the companies.
  • Participation of its members in forums on social topics.
  • Monthly publications on fiscal and tributary/tax innovations in order which its partners know every month the fiscal, labour and countable performance.
  • Promotion of all kinds of formative activities with the aim to give to the partners the whole support necessary for the accomplishment of his/her work.


They will be able to be members of the Association the natural persons will be major of age, which voluntarily they it request and fulfill, besides, one of the following requirements:

  1. To possess someone of the following top degrees: Licensed in Law, Economic, Managerial Sciences, or any other top degree that, for its nature, had direct relation with the fiscal matter, in any of its slopes.

  2. To possess someone of the following degrees of Average Degree: Mercantile Graduates, Social Graduate, or any other degree of Average Degree that as its nature had direct relation with the fiscal matter in any of its slopes.

  3. To possess other degrees of Average or Top Degree that did not have direct relation with the fiscal matter; or to possess the degree of Top or equivalent Graduate and besides of Qualified in Tax law sent by Centre Authorized by the Department of Education and Science.

It will be optional of the Meeting of Government, depending on the theoretical or practical knowledges contributed with the process, to do entrance tests to all those solicitors who it were for the paragraph b) and obligatorily for those who it were for the paragraph c).